Timothy Scites

When unexpected challenges such as house fires, residential storm damage, deer collisions, and many other types of unforeseen circumstances arise, we help our clients pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives. Since 2002, Scites Insurance Agency LLC has been providing home, auto, business, and life insurance policies to clients throughout Ohio and West Virginia. 

Our owner, Tim Scites, spent a number of years in the auto sales and property development industry before becoming an independent business owner. With a diverse background in customer service, Tim transitioned into the insurance industry because he felt he could provide affordable and reliable coverages to the same clients he had been serving for over a decade, in other industries.

Our Owner And Staff

Born and raised in Meigs County, Tim graduated from Meigs High School. He then went on to obtain his bachelor’s degree from Kentucky Christian College. Tim now resides in Gallia County with his wife Bev, where they enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.

These are the people behind Scites Insurance Agency helping our customers:
  • Tim Scites — Owner and Principal Agent
  • Amy Watts — Agent
  • Stefanie Perry — Agent
  • Sabrina Rife — Receptionist